English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. to enter; to penetrate; to infiltrate; to suffuse
B. to exercise; to use; to make an effort
C. to earn income; to make financial gains; to be of service; to be beneficial
D. to improve; to raise the quality of

A. money management (including investment, banking etc.); science of money management
B. flow (of water, electricity, etc.); process; tendency; direction
C. postal service; letters and other items that are sent via the postal service
D. readiness; agreeableness

A. to make a stupid mistake; to move back and forth in a clumsy manner
B. to advertise; to bring to the attention of a large audience
C. to change; to shift; to exchange; to trade; to turn on or off
D. to prejudice; to influence opinions

A. narration; act of telling; family member; connection; association
B. location where sick and injured people receive medical treatment
C. assembly; board; group of people (gathered to advise, plan, etc.)
D. meal; nourishment; material supplied; act of inserting into a machine (especially of putting paper into a printer)

A. serious; grave; acute; difficult; rigorous; harsh; strict
B. inquisitive; desiring to know and understand; odd; strange; rare
C. concentrated; focused; observant; polite; caring
D. lacking; deficient; insolvent; unable to pay debts

A. to solidify; to become solid; to stabilize; to become stable
B. to exemplify; to clarify; to explain; to depict; to elucidate
C. to channel; to centralize
D. to refine; to improve; to complete; to make faultless

A. to agree; to reconcile; to be in concert with
B. to restore to health; to make well; to correct a bad habit; to preserve food
C. to make a scheme; to plot; to design; to contrive; to think up
D. to appear to be; to look like; to give the impression of; to have the appearance of

A. conversation; speech; lecture; meeting
B. piece of soft material which cushions; block of pages stacked together and connected on one side
C. garbage; trash; waste
D. section; piece; region; role; function; side in an agreement

A. faithful; true to one's obligations
B. logical; reasonable; intelligent; prudent; expressible as a whole number (Mathematics)
C. having no curves or bends; frank; continuous; honest; consistent
D. excellent; conspicuous; prominent; due

A. coming or occurring after the usual or expected time; tardy; slow; delayed
B. very great in numbers; huge; powerful
C. satisfied; pleased
D. opposite of expensive; inexpensive

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