English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. to reduce; to protect; to soften; to upholster
B. to cover a part of; to have something in common
C. to photograph; to paint; to draw; to describe; to depict
D. to extend across; to stretch from one point another; to bridge

A. necessary; obligatory; commanding
B. full; packed; crammed together
C. independent; independent contractor; business owner; person who is not a hired laborer
D. valuable; unique; outstanding; award-winning

A. bothersome; troublesome; worrisome; harassing
B. doubtful; not reliable; ambiguous
C. existing independently; real; tangible
D. deserving of punishment; responsible

A. joining; union; an ordered sequence
B. weather conditions; surrounding conditions; atmosphere; setting
C. customary action; habit; drill; training exercise
D. disturbance; discontinuance; stoppage; cutting-off

A. manner; way; fashion; chic; vogue
B. intelligence; ability to think in a clever manner
C. awareness; cognition; ability to perceive
D. pillow; soft padded object

A. to find out; to come across; to get information about something
B. to remove; to withdraw; to abandon; to exit; to depart
C. to receive; to agree; to consent
D. to command; to request something; to arrange; to manage

A. to come into view; to show up; to seem
B. to measure; to evaluate; to determine; to estimate
C. to reduce; to lessen; to decline
D. to record for evidence; to write down; to substantiate

A. perception of flavor; sense; reason
B. profit; amount of assets that is higher than liabilities
C. problem; challenge; hardship; trouble
D. narration; act of telling; family member; connection; association

A. to get; to accept; to absorb; to take in; to host; to accommodate
B. to treat someone new in a humiliating manner; to harass; to humiliate
C. to encourage; to nurture; to promote; to raise; to care for
D. to control; to dominate; to hold; to own; to have as property

A. anyway
B. very well; excellent
C. justly; equitably; directly; completely; really
D. inexpensively

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