English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. to use one's influence to affect people or circumstances
B. to hypnotize; to enthrall
C. to encourage; to nurture; to promote; to raise; to care for
D. to make a stupid mistake; to move back and forth in a clumsy manner

A. to fasten; to connect
B. to extend; to elongate; to reach out; to pull; to strain
C. to assign too low a value to
D. to pay to; to hire; to employ

A. act of repairing; renewal; act of restoring to good condition
B. act of suddenly swooping down and grabbing; sudden assault or attack
C. group of twenty items; debt; account; bill; grade on a test
D. structure built mainly of glass in which plants are cultivated out of season

A. to act as master of ceremonies; to receive guests into one's home; to give a party
B. to prosper; to flourish; to succeed
C. to move; to be moved
D. to accumulate; to gather; to collect; to assemble

A. habit; tradition; convention
B. something carried; cargo; burden; unit of measure or weight; capacity
C. route; travel plans; travel journal
D. elasticity; ability to adapt to new circumstances; pliability

A. to resuscitate; to bring back to life; to put into action again
B. to work together; to cooperate
C. to adapt oneself; to host guests; to provide lodging
D. to show; to point out; to mark; to signify; to imply; to exhibit

A. to shape with skill
B. to say that something is not true; to refuse; to renounce
C. to irritate; to infuriate; to enrage
D. to appear; to come out; to be revealed

A. to turn into profit; to generate revenue
B. to cause to remember
C. to plan; to scheme; to send; to dispatch; to throw
D. to demand; to claim; to need; to call for; to order; to command

A. failure to appear; state of being away; state of being not present
B. person who is an expert; person who is skilled
C. purpose; goal; objective; target
D. shape having three sides and three corners; group of three

A. to reward; to reimburse; to pay back; to make up for
B. to continue
C. to cause discomfort; to trouble; to put out; to disturb
D. to explain; to clarify; to limit; to set boundaries

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