English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. a legal document that temporarily transfers a property from one individual to another
B. cork; stopper; electrical connector; block; advertisement
C. obligation; responsibility; assignment; customs tax
D. a significant decline in general economic activity extending over a period of time

A. to respect deeply; to honor greatly
B. to add
C. to rely on; to trust; to be supported by
D. to have to; to be obligated; to be likely or probable

A. city
B. house; dwelling; structure; premises
C. something which is permanently or securely attached; set date for a sporting event
D. plans or methods created for the purpose of achieving a goal

A. way of life
B. power; strength; force; capacity to be
C. process of turning money into profit
D. forward movement; progress; promotion

A. flat circular object
B. means of connection; link; joint; connected group
C. recuperation; getting well; return
D. baby; very young child; toddler; tot; minor

A. to endorse; to donate; to contribute; to pledge; to support; to approve
B. to sign over property to a creditor as security for money that is owed; to obligate
C. to adapt oneself; to host guests; to provide lodging
D. to ship; to send abroad; to sell goods and products overseas

A. person or company that does a particular job or assignment
B. textile; weave; structure; framework; construction
C. one who does not eat meat; herbivore
D. sending off; shipment; message; communication; promptness

A. briefcase; attache case; list of securities and stocks
B. inheritance; bequest; something handed down from one's ancestors
C. a word which is formed from the first letters of several words; i.e. TOEIC or NATO
D. method or course that restores health; prescribed treatment for an illness

A. one who offers his services of his own free will or without pay
B. one who serves tables at a restaurant or pub
C. flammable liquid mixture derived from petroleum (used as fuel, etc.)
D. end; conclusion; last edition of a newspaper

A. appraisal; estimation; assessment
B. financial framework; financial plan
C. place used by planes for takeoff and landing
D. small clock that is usually worn on the wrist; guarding; observation

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