English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. helping verb for use in a question; request or expression of desire
B. to discern; to perceive; to pay attention; to observe; to remark
C. to throw; to project; to form; to shape
D. to talk about; to debate; to converse

A. flawless; complete; undamaged
B. little; few in number; trivial; unimportant; modest
C. content; self-satisfied; comfortable; smug
D. in a manner which shuts out all others; solely; in a limited manner

A. to train; to certify; to meet the minimum standards; to moderate; to modify
B. to name; to call; to designate
C. to disturb; to confuse; to worry; to divert; to amuse
D. to repay; to refund; to compensate for a loss; to repay for an expense

A. of or relating to the mind; intellectual; psychosocial
B. composed of elastic material; made from caoutchouc
C. comprehensible; intelligible; rational; transparent; bright
D. motivating; stimulating; encouraging; provoking; inhaling

A. to esteem; to cherish; to assess; to estimate
B. to exchange a check (or another money order) for coins and bank notes; to redeem
C. to record; to enroll; to have an effect; to have influence
D. to be frightened; to be concerned; to be afraid of; to have respect for

A. goal; aim; intention; objective
B. person who does not belong to any political party
C. gross revenues; total business done; rate of selling or producing
D. proficiency; skill; specialist knowledge and information

A. steady; firm; lasting; dependable; faithful
B. answering; reacting (esp. positively or sympathetically)
C. excellent; wonderful; splendid; magnificent
D. ambitious; industrious; hard-working

A. truthfulness; sincerity; integrity; frankness
B. notoriety; renown; good reputation
C. comfort; fitness or suitability for performing an action
D. act of dragging or pulling with a rope or chain

A. supplement; mathematical operation
B. delivery; dispatch; conveyance
C. comment; remark; ascription; mention; regard
D. hurt; wound; harm; damage; insult

A. location; description of a location
B. manager; person or group of persons having administrative authority within an organization
C. silence; noiselessness; stillness; tranquility; muteness; speechlessness
D. obstacle; misfortune; something which hinders progress

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