English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. under; underneath
B. but; besides
C. over; higher than; more than
D. after; in back of

A. to bring from another place; to bring goods from a foreign country; to signify; to imply
B. to increase; to enlarge; to enhance; to multiply
C. to say something aloud for someone to write down; to command; to order; to impose
D. to narrate; to tell; to make a connection between; to have a good relationship with

A. progress; modernization; promotion
B. political group; social gathering; side of an agreement; group; gang
C. nourishment; substance which provides the body with nutrients; sustenance
D. rebound; recoiling; sudden movement to the rear

A. gentle; good-hearted; understanding; compassionate
B. capable of living; having a reasonable chance of succeeding; practical
C. gloomy; cheerless; bad; depressing; sad
D. decayed; decomposed; putrid; spoiled; despicable

A. before noon
B. expression of regret or sorrow; excuse; defense; justification
C. new member of a group; new employee
D. passage; walkway (between rows of seats or shelves)

A. separate; individual; discontinuous
B. signed with initials; marked with the first letter or letter of a name
C. managerial; executive
D. not standard; not ordinary

A. to load with goods; to load; to weigh down; to send as cargo
B. to mark; to indicate; to write one's name
C. to give out; to distribute; to ration; to set aside for a special purpose
D. to cause; to incite; to bring to pass

A. profit; amount of assets that is higher than liabilities
B. lodging; dwelling
C. attainment of something desired or attempted; accomplishment; prosperity
D. act of rescuing; rescued items

A. talk; dialog; discussion; verbal exchange
B. transgression; desecration; attack or disruption; rape
C. rush; haste; urgency
D. informal word for a commercial announcement

A. to incorporate; to take in; to absorb
B. to exchange goods and services
C. to risk; to gamble; to finance; to underwrite
D. to travel; to take a trip

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