English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. distance that an arm can extend
B. defense; shelter; safety
C. stability; consistency; continuousness; unbroken succession
D. disposition; mood

A. secondary email address; copy of a document, message, or email that is sent to a third party
B. total value of goods and services produced by a country in a given period (generally one year)
C. top executive rank; person who is responsible for the security of a company's communications and business systems
D. between noon and midnight; in the afternoon; after the hour of 12:00 noon

A. to explain; to clarify; to limit; to set boundaries
B. to lease; to rent; to employ
C. to leave; to go away; to go in a different direction; to die
D. to make certain; to guarantee; to make secure

A. to come into view; to show up; to seem
B. to measure; to evaluate; to determine; to estimate
C. to reduce; to lessen; to decline
D. to record for evidence; to write down; to substantiate

A. total number of people living in an area
B. anything that is set up; institution (i.e. business, church, authority, government, etc.)
C. proposal; recommendation; insinuation; hint
D. agreement; settlement; harmony

A. to expend money or effort for future benefits; to grant; to install; to cover; to authorize
B. to pack; to crate; to box
C. to put into a stable; to delay; to check the progress of
D. to stand in line; to make a row

A. a document issued by a country to a citizen allowing that person to travel abroad and re-enter the home country
B. public sale where goods are sold to the highest bidder (such as eBay)
C. degree of difference; promotion of a student to a higher grade
D. exchange; transfer; device

A. misfortune; hardship; distress; suffering
B. a measurement of output per hours worked; creativeness; fruitfulness; prolificness
C. rival; (i.e. Coca Cola and Pepsi); person who participates in a contest
D. richness; prosperity; capital; fortune; abundance

A. quality of occurring regularly; rate at which a function reoccurs
B. something which has been bought; act of buying
C. physical or mental exertion; labor; attempt; organized operation
D. review; overview; statistical study

A. to calculate; to figure; to estimate
B. to sharpen; to provide with a border; to advance gradually or furtively
C. to train; to certify; to meet the minimum standards; to moderate; to modify
D. to originate; to create; to design; to fabricate; to concoct

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