English Vocabulary Practice - 10 Questions

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A. safe; protected; strong; stable; confident
B. existent; in attendance; on hand; of the current times; pertaining to the current times
C. sole; limited to a selected few; incompatible; fashionable; unique
D. in favor of reform; supporting a progressive philosophy; tolerant; open-minded

A. to take money from the bank; to retire; to remove
B. to postpone; to hinder; to linger; to move slowly; to loiter
C. to win; to succeed; to overcome; to surpass; to prove superior
D. to provide; to supply (food, etc.); to care for

A. intrinsic; existing as a natural and integral part; natural; inborn
B. channeled; centralized
C. external
D. elastic; easily bent; adroit; adept; pliable

A. fee for sending letters or packages by mail
B. verification of a person or thing; recognition
C. minor office worker; book-keeper; bureaucrat
D. effort; nuisance

A. coherent; steadfast; firm
B. may be settled
C. open to dispute; obscure; vague
D. in the event of sudden need

A. person of group of people that runs and administers a business or other enterprise
B. anything that is set up; institution (i.e. business, church, authority, government, etc.)
C. point at which something ends; edge; border; restriction; restraint
D. act of forgiving; discharging; dispatching

A. to exchange one thing for another; to trade; to barter
B. to divide; to separate; to be divided; to allocate
C. to reveal; to uncover; to disclose
D. to assign to a duty; to station; to publicize; to advertise

A. to be conspicuous; to be noticeable; to project; to protrude
B. to relate to; to deal with; to process; to pay for
C. to check flavor by eating; to attempt; to try
D. to decorate; to beautify

A. act of strengthening; reward or punishment designed to encourage or discourage a particular response
B. statement which denies responsibility or affiliation; repudiation; denial
C. slice; part; segment; creation; work
D. least possible amount; smallest possible size; lowest degree

A. to vacillate; to waver; to vary; to change
B. to stop a vehicle; to slow down a vehicle
C. to act as a middleman; to buy and to sell property for other people
D. to take for granted; to dare; to venture; to take liberties; to permit oneself

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