TOEIC Practice - 10 Questions

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A. suggestion
B. suggesting
C. suggest
D. suggestive

A. have been killed
B. were killed
C. had killed
D. was killed

A. depends on
B. depending on
C. depend on
D. is depending on

A. unless
B. so that
C. such that
D. therefore

A. hundreds of people
B. hundred of people
C. a hundred of people
D. hundred people

A. broken
B. reached
C. rejected
D. approached

A. blocked
B. to block
C. blocking
D. block

A. cessation
B. standstill
C. stopping
D. halt

A. criticizing
B. telling
C. complaining
D. calling

A. plagued
B. attacked
C. stormed
D. bothered

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