TOEIC Practice - 10 Questions

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A.       stable
B.       stabilize
C.       stably
D.       stability

A. dropped
B. jumped
C. dipped
D. stabilized

A.       the lowest
B.       lowest
C.       the lower
D.       lower than

A. internment
B. involvement
C. engrossment
D. entertainment

A. outcome
B. outlook
C. issue
D. outing

A. o'clock
B. time
C. hour
D. duration

A. remake
B. repeat
C. refund
D. respite

A. show
B. initiate
C. enclose
D. refer

A. baseline
B. basement
C. basics
D. basis

A. factions
B. factors
C. fallacies
D. fractions

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