TOEIC Practice - 10 Questions

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A. fourth largest economy
B. the fourth largest economy
C. the largest fourth economy
D. largest economy fourth

A. has been introduced
B. introduced
C. was introduced
D. has introduced

A. lucrative grain contracts
B. grain contracts lucrative
C. grain lucrative contracts
D. lucrative contracts grain

A. currency
B. current
C. currents
D. currently

A. list
B. index
C. contents
D. agenda

A. centre
B. end
C. area
D. point

A. delivered
B. fetched
C. brought
D. picked

A. solid
B. hard
C. real
D. actual

A. temperate
B. temporary
C. contemporary
D. temporarily

A. accuracy
B. auditing
C. completeness
D. validity

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