English Grammar Practice - 10 Questions

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A. got a thought
B. got a view
C. got a clue
D. got a suggestion

A. their
B. they
C. there
D. theirs

A. on
B. about
C. with
D. by

A. turn
B. turn up
C. turn in
D. turning

A. ideally
B. conveniently
C. suitably
D. easily

A. said
B. are saying
C. had said
D. say

A. anywhere
B. nowhere
C. somewhere
D. everywhere

A. I believe when I see it.
B. I'll believe it when seen.
C. I'll believe it when I see it.
D. I see it when I believe.

A. another
B. the other
C. the others
D. others

A. kitchen
B. a kitchen
C. the kitchen

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